About me?

I was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, JB, Malaysia.


Where I was born~

I was born as premature baby, yet I didn’t need incubator, life support, or whatsoever advance machine attached to me. I was able to breathe on my own, meaning that i have a fully developed lungs. Hours before went into delivery, the doctor told my beloved mother that I’m only had 50% chance to live..What?? But again, here I’m, as healthy as a girrafe.

This is where I start my formal education~ (after kindergarten)

SK Kg Pasir

My School~

My school ( Sek Keb Kg Pasir, Kampung Pasir Primary School) is surrounded with padded? wall (to help minimize the noise coming from highway in front of it), which literally means we are in prison~ But since I have a lot of sweet and memorable memories here, I always wanted to come back here~ One thing I’d always sure, the tables and chairs already shrunken (or I was growing up actually).

This is where I started my competitive streak in my life, since i was involved in every sports, every events, every competitons as a school representative, till my friends once joked ” there’s no other pupil in this school, except you. You should become the sole student instead!” At the end during my final examination, I was able to pass my UPSR exam in flying colour, and being awarded as Best Student (Overall), which I managed to nab it from my best friend who always got the highest ranking in school (Since I actively involved in extra co-curiculum yet didn’t forget about my study, that’s how i got the award from him.)

Sekolah Menengah Seri Perling

Sekolah Menengah Seri Perling

I continue my study in Sekolah Menengah Seri Perling. (I couldn’t find the picture for it, so I replaced it with Google Map instead). This was where I started to be more independent, since the distance between school was quite far, which I had to ride a bus everyday (approximately 4.6 km). This is where I learnt to become someone, and have good friends, 3 of them.

I continue my study (again) in Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar ( Muar Science School). It’s one and only boarding school in Malaysia which have a Muslim cemetry  located in the middle of our field~


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