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Almost all boys worried about their jealous girlfriend..
If the girl feel suspicious, she will start to investigate like FBI..
Asking every little details,
Very minor little thing,
Something outside the common sense…
Because at that time,
The girl’s mind is full with the thought of the boys..
Nothing else..
She is afraid to lose the boy..

Then, the boy start to feel suffocate,
He feel like he lost his freedom.
Then, he start to scold the girl.
Arguments take place.
At the end, the girl feel unappreciated.
She is hurt…

When her heart start to bleed,
She start to lose a portion of her feeling.
The more she hurt, the more the feeling will gone.
Until at the end, she feels nothing.
During that time,
Nothing could revive her feeling back.
No matter how hard the boy try.
She just stare him blankly.

Boy.. appreciate your girl like a man.
When she loves you, meaning that you are her world.
When she is jealous, it show how much she love you..

* Drafted on 23rd May 2013, at 10.13PM*