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I’m having a dream last night.
I have a child, a little girl.
Around 1 year old, lovely little girl.
I love her so much,
I really adore her.
I’m feeding her, I’m hugging her, I’m kiss her.
I’m taking care of her,
I’m protecting her..
All feel so real.

But suddenly i wake up.
Then I realise, I’m dreaming.
No more cute little girl.
I’m surrounding by pitch black night.

I still can feel the way i touch her…
Her soft skin..

I think I’m ready to a be a mom, but the future is just too far away, too dark for me to predict…
I think, my journey is still far away..
I don’t know when i have the opportunity to hold my own child, just like what i do in my dream.

It just out of my reach……

My future…