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No woman like the love she suppose to get to be shared. No woman like the love she suppose to get to be divided. No woman like the attention she suppose to get to be divided. Man didn’t know, once a woman commit her love, she would never look back, she never can be shaken. She will stay true all the time, her love always for him, not anyone. She know the border that she can’t cross over. Though the man didn’t monitor her movement, her conversation everyday, but because of the trust that the man have give to her, she always know where she stand. She always know that she can’t talk about intimate things, especially with opposite gender. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for man. His attention keep divides, he always share his love.  The girl still trust in him. But, when something happen, when the trust crushes to rumble, there always no turning point. When the woman start to cry, her heart start to hurt, it always hard for them to forget, yet they still forgive. Man, yet you still hurting her again and again for another woman. How could you do that?