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Best woman win…
Happen when a woman competing with other to win a guy’s heart.
The best woman with the best quality will win.
The quality is purely depending on the guy himself, thus it will absolutely be biased.
The best woman will fight till the end to win.
But if the woman constantly have to fight with one woman and after another, where’s the relevance?
When is everything going to end?
When would she have the opportunity to become like a princess in fairy tales that meet her prince charming, and live happily ever after?
If she constantly have to fight from one to another woman, though she already become a winner for numerous time?
Could you give a word of assurance to her?
Could you give some comforting words to her?
Could you stop making her fight to get her position by your side?

At the end, she will stop to fight for you.
It’s not because she’s not the best, but because she already feel tired.
She already give up.
All of her effort seem unrealistic, and the most sad thing is you still can’t see all of her effort, and you still give a space in your heart for another woman, to make her fight for her place…

If you don’t like her, if you don’t love her, then why you make her fight for you at the first place?
You should just throw her out of your side at the earliest.