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The differences that I can tell when I talk with my friends..


Talk about boyfriend, how handsome the guy next door, how suave the client that come to her office, how ‘macho’ the hero on her favourite drama series, her crush on her office mate, try to find a boyfriend thru her friend, want to try arrange marriage, want to further her study, want to buy her dream car, want to join backpackers and list go on..

Engaged/ Getting married

Talk about wedding, the ‘hantaran’/ wedding gift, talk about her wedding reception, the dress she should wear, how to face the in-laws, tips about money saving, talk about to stay slim till her wedding day, her diet regime, want to go on exercise, her right place to go for her honeymoon and many more…


Talk about married life, how her husband treat her, the in-laws reaction, talk about her new house, talk about how she spend her weekend with her husband, her plan to have a baby, her advice on others about wedding planning…


Yet, they are all my friends, who faced different phase in their life with different status. With them, I gain experiences and knowledge, and at the same time I lend my thought and gain wisdom..