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Guys always forget that women need to hear ‘ I Love You’ constantly from the man she loves, because she wants to make sure that he is not forgetting about her. For women, that word mean assurance, a calmer to her wild thought about relationship failures that she hears, read and see.

And that’s why women love to say “I love You” to her man, because she want her man to say the same thing to her..

Women always forget that guys have their own way to express ” I Love You” to his love one, because words doesn’t mean everything. For guy, the way he treat his woman, the calls he make everyday, the time he spent, the cares that he pour, that’s all mean ” I Love You”.

And that’s why girls hardly hear “I Love You” after sometimes in a relationship, because guys usually is hard in expressing themselves thru words. Guys express his love thru his treatment, expression and action to her.