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As I scroll down my FB pages,
I see some of my friends already find someone as their soul mate,
Some of them happily being in love,
Some of them are getting engage,
Some of them are preparing for their big day,
Some of them inviting me to their wedding,
Some of them posting their honeymoon pictures,
Some of them happily announcing their pregnancy or the wife’s pregnancy,
Some of them are waiting to deliver their child
Some of them are busy taking care of their baby,
Some of them are announcing their second pregnancy,
And some of them already wait the birth of his/her third child?
What am I doing lately?
Working and working..
As for now, I’m happily being in the second phase,
Happily waiting to go through the third phase..
All people will go through this phase of life
Either it will come soon, or later..
Either it will come easily or full with trials..