Going to work with mixed feeling,

Tired, lonely, happy,joy…

Arghh..mixed of everything.


I wish i could stop thinking about yesterday,

but i couldn’t.

it keep disturbing me,my work, my day.

each and every words keep playing in my ears like a record,

let it be the astonishing reality, or the ugly truth.

Finally, I can grab hold firmly to my happiness?

Finally, is my prayers all this time is fulfilled?

Then, my ‘overthinking’ side is invading my mind.

It start to give a lot of negative thoughts and possibilities.

A lot of it.

I feel that my happiness is only for a minute,

and it will fade away quickly.

If that girl finally appear and give response,

If he finally leave me and go for that girl.

I think my low self-esteem is taking over myself again.