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When you are actually a choice.  Either a part of the choice or the only choice. A choice that can be choosen. It’s depending on your situation, and your fate, and your destiny. You can try to be the only one, try to win over everything and anything. Or you can leave everything as it could be, waiting for anything or waiting for nothing, only hope for miracle to happen.

Miracle only exist in fairy tale, not in the reality. I lost my hope in miracle for a long time ago.

For me, I don’t know what am I doing right now. Sometimes I’m fighting to be the only one, then when the frustration strike, I just want to give up, and be a part of a choice, or just accept that I actually none of a choice.

It’s up to you, whether to be the only choice, or just be a part of a choice. If you are not that lucky, you might end up as none of a choice.