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Am I that cheap? I have pride too. I have feeling too. I’m a human.

Why do always me that have to take care of others feeling, but they don’t even bother mine?

For weeks, I try to ignore everything. For weeks, I try to live a joyful life. For weeks, i try to live like nothing happen.

It’s hurt when people start comparing me to other. They and me are different people, we wont be the same. They and me leading a different life. They and me face different situation everyday. They and me won’t have the same thing at the same time.

It’s hurt me when people belittle my pride. My pride is already fragile, one more nudge, i will lost it forever. One more pinch, I will live without my self-esteem for my entire life.

If you just want to play around with me, if you just want to juggle with my pride, if you see me as a cheap little thing that disturbing your life, then one day, you wont see see me as the same person I was before. No more Miss Nice Lady, no more the happy me.