A perfectionist, a person who need everything to follow their taste, decision, wish, and desire. Anything that falls outside specific criteria will be remove and kick out of their side immediately.

I’m not a perfectionist, and i wouldn’t try to be one. Being a perfectionist mean I have to be someone that occasionally feel unsatisfy and discontent. Looking for perfection means it will led me to frustration, because nothing is perfect in this world, even my ownself. I’m also not a perfect person, because being perfect means I have to constantly living in disguise. I too have a lot of flaws and wrongdoings. I too, a normal person, far from a perfect person.

I would rather be someone that fill the imperfection, someone that fill the empty spot, someone that turn imperfection into perfect. I would rather be someone that realize perfection is only an illusion. If I’m looking for perfection, I have to be ready to be hurt and frust.

Perfectionist is far from me. I do like perfect things, but I don’t deserve it. Perfection is only for those who are perfect. Cause I don’t even close to perfect, then I’m satisfy just being me, the unperfect me.