Patience“Just have a little patience…”

A request from someone to another person to be patience.

To wait for him to change his heart.

To wait for him to amend and cure his broken heart.

Is it worth to wait for him?

What if you wait for your entire life but at the end he turn to someone else?

Nonetheless, life is all about gambling.

You bet everything you have for something unexpected and unpredicted.

You won’t know the result until you meet the day.

You only can do is to pray you hit the jackpot.

You could only try your best to make everything perfect for you and him.

You could only try your best to be someone that always beside him.

And if at the end,

All of your effort going down the drain,

You have to accept the fate written for you.

But for now,

As long as you can hold on, wait and give your effort,

Just have a little patience.