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Empty, frozen.

Undescribeable, undefine

The melody played in my heart dissapeared, replaced with the sound of emptiness.

My life once filled with happiness, suddenly felt totally lost and gloomy,

The wind that used to blow a tender whispers to my ears that brought serenity and tranquility,suddenly changed into unpleasent screaming that banging into my ears, distracting my mind.

Even though I cover my ears tightly, the sound kept hunting me, hurting me. I felt restless.

Nonetheless, the sound was coming from me, from my ownself. The sound of hurt and despair, the sound of unpleasant.

I asked my Lord up above, why He tortured me like this? Why He let me felt this awful feeling on my own?

Then I got the answer.

Because my Lord loved me, He wanted me to remember Him. He knew what the best for me, as His servant. It was not a torture, it was a way for Him to test me, whether I was strong or not.

So, now, I just had to endure everything. My Lord will help me, He will lead me to the right path.

Now, I just had to pray.

I hope my Lord will hear and answer my prayers.