Welcoming the new me,

24 Years Old me.

AS I looked back, looking behind my past,

What i’d achieved,

What i’d done in a year?

From a graduate student who only work as part-time service crew in Japanese Restaurant,

Now I’m QC executive in a company.

From driving a cute and adorable 850cc compact car,

to drive an elegance and comfortable 1600cc sedan.

What else?

My happiness? My life?

From an ordinary and unmatured daughter,

to a daughter who support her family, keeping her responsible firlmly.

From a friend who only try to be good to her friends,

to someone who try to be with her friend in both good and bad times.

From a person who knows nothing and clueless about love,

to someone who try to understand and learn to be a good partner in her love life.

Welcoming the new number in my life,

Happy Birthday to me.