I don’t know whether someone will response to my post. I don’t know whther my friends know about this. They have a busy life, a quite tough compared to mine. So, for them to spent a little time to read mine, it’s just a little  hope.

Nonetheless, I still want to write for today. This is the first time in my life where i’m feeling totally depressed. A lot of things happen at once, and I don’t know where to turn to. As I turn to the left, there’s no one there, and as I turn to the right, I can feel the emptiness in my life.

People always have a shoulder to cry on. As for me, I still looking for it. I’m used to lend mine to everyone. To turn for help, it’s not as easy as blinking my eyes. I know, my friends have their own problem, even worse than mine. To share my problem, is same like giving them an extra burden. But to face it alone, I’m not strong enough. Furthermore, to start to tell them about my problem, that’s another problem, cause I’m not used to tell everybody else about my problem. I’m used to face it alone.

Right now, I just endure everything.