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I was growing up with fairy tales. in the stories, the princesses always being bullied, either by villagers (Beast and Beauty- Bell), step sister (Cinderella) or step mother (Snow White). The princess always portrayed as someone who was kind, gentle, and beautiful. She never go against people who done her wrong. Then, one day, a prince charming was coming and saved her from despair. Taking the princess along with him, married, living in the castle, and lived happily ever after. The End.

It’s that easy? Is life as easy as that?

I don’t think so.

In reality, nothing as happily ever after. Prince charming also don’t exist.

The only person that exist is a jerk.

A jerk who stole your heart away, taking it with him, without giving his. He have the key to your heart, but never shows his to you. He hide it away from you, and you’ll never know whether you will find the key or not. Even if you try to duplicate the key, you have no confidence whether it able to open his frozen heart or not. You will try everything to make him look at you, but the only thing that you get, are confusion and uncertainty. You are confident with your heart, but not his. Am I just a replacement or substitute for his empty space? Am I just a doll displayed around him, but treated as emotionless creature? Will he leave me when he finally see someone who is better than me? Millions thought keep disrupting you. Sometimes you can see his heart open a little bit, but it completely shut for display a few moments later.

Nonetheless, you are still waiting for the jerk. Regardless what he have done, you are still waiting for him patiently. You are waiting for him to say the magical word that will change him from a jerk to a prince charming, a real prince charming in your life. You will never know, whether it will happen or not. The only thing you can do, is hoping. Hoping everything will be fine, hoping he will see you as a princess who need to be rescued, and hoping that he will realise that he is keeping your heart’s key for a long time now. You just have to keep praying, he will give his precious key to you to open up his heart. Every fairy tales need an ending, and you hope yours going to be a happy one~