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Have you ever seen a projector?

Let it be movie projector, slide projector, overhead projector, or anything that project image, video, or anything.

Like this one

Or like this one?


Almost everybody knows about projector. Even if you go for movie, the movie is projected to the big-white screen through projector.

Could you imagine, your mind, and your heart feeling is transparent, and could be seen by everybody else? Could you imagine the things that you are thinking, and your feeling, is projected out from your body, to right in front of others? Really scary, isn’t it?

Sometime, people wish they can see others feeling, but at the same time, they want to hide theirs. That’s human nature, trying to defend themself. When we know about others people’s feeling, it’s an advantages to us. We either take precautios step (if we want to impress them, or to avoid any conflict) or we simply take it for granted (if we know they carzily like/admire/love us, and we know they would never turn their back on us).

There are people who have projector-like mind, where their mouth is the projector. Everything that they think and feel, they will ‘project’ it through their words. Almost everything. People instantly will know wether they feel sad, angry, confused, or happy. Some people think this kind of people will let other know about themselve, only to let other went inside their personal space, cause nothing is confidential. But less people realize that this kind of people must be made of courage as their blood!

Sometime I can be a human projector, and but almost the time I’m like a rat hiding in the dark hole, hiding everything. I could be someone that tell everything inside me, if i have enough courage to do that. Usually, I don’t know where I get that courage, and that absolutely suprising me. The courage that always hiding somewhere inside me, and only pop-out when I’m really need it. Only certain people get to see that courage, and trust me, that person are really lucky.

I believe, a human projector must have a lot of courage, if you see from  my situation. Some will gain respect, and some will gain opposite of it. Yes, in certain thing, I’m trying to be a human projector, when it comes to my own life. I hope I could gather that tiny little courage hiding somewhere in me, and grow it, as big as i could. Courage, please come out and help me!