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Smile brightly,

Laugh cheerfully,

Did you know that’s what I love to do?

Of course I laugh when I’m happy, because that’s how I express my happiness. But sometimes happiness is not the only reason I laugh. For me, laugh is just like a theraphy,laughing is a part of my self defense. When I laugh, I feel I can hide myself, from pain, from fear, from nervous, from despair, from everything that bother me. When I’m smiling, I feel like everybody will be happy to be with me. When i’m smiling, i feel like someone is happy because of me. When i’m smiling, it’s like i’m giving out positive energy to them.

When I laugh, I feel like i’m entertaining my self. When I laugh, I feel like i’m living on my own. People might think that i’m not serious. People might think i’m just playing around. But, that’s me. I love to laugh. That’s the only thing I can do,  besides not giving the proper response that people might expected, because sometime I have problem in expressing myself. That’s why, I think laughing is the easiest way for me to express everything. Then, it’s become a habit, which can’t be changed anymore. People around me might be confused, what am I thinking actually? Am I just playing around?

No, I’m not.

I’m serious, but in my own way.

There’s a time when I’m angry and mad, there’s a time when I cry because I’m sad, but that’s when I’m alone. If  I’m with others, everything might be expressed with my laugh and smiles. I’m not crazy, I’m totally normal.


I love to smile and laugh~