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Love is a universal feeling. Every single living thing will have this pure feeling. Love is something that cannot be forced, it will come naturally, and it will leave quietly. Love can be eternity, or love can show up briefly. Love can make our live colourful, cheerful, happy and peaceful. Love can make us feel anguish, sad, peril, and hurt. Love is a powerful emotion, thus don’t we ever underestimate the power of love. Because of love, people change their lives, because of love, people try to strive, because of love, people will cry , and because of love, people will fight. Sometimes love can be undefine, thus we don’t know where is the exact line. Love can be in various type and style, it depend on whom you give your love to. Love is not come with price, but it’s not free either. Don’t we ever take it for granted, because love will leave you when its unwanted. Don’t feel regret after that, because you are the one who forget. If you find your love, cherish it and keep it bloom like a beautiful flower in a garden. It’s fragrance that will keep you energize and feel like flying into the sky. Love is something that we need to cherish for, love is something that we need to appreciate for, love is something that we need to live for. Don’t be a person who out of love, because you will live like a stone.