I feel really helpless right now, knowing someone is suffering and sad all alone. To know he’s crying inside, it make my heart really heavy. I feel like i’m a useless person, I don’t know how to comfort him, I don’t know how to make him happy and I really don’t know how to give a good response. Sometime I feel like I’m giving him an extra burden, an extra problem. I wish I could see him,  but the distance keep us apart. I wish I have a magic carpet, I can ride it and fly to him when he in need. I wish i have Doreamon’s Magic Door, I can immediately stand in front of him whenever and where ever he want. I wish I can always by his side when he is sad and I wish I can give him a shoulder to cry on. I wish he can share his sadness with me, I wish he can share his problem with me. I wish I can reduce the distance in shortest time. But, that’s the only thing I can do right now, is wishing for him. All I can do now is pray for him, pray for his happiness, and pray for his success.