Writing is when people read you. Speak is when people hear you. Writing is easier than speak out loud, in my case. When I write, everything seems fine, everything seems in coordinate, everything seems satisfying. Writing will give me ample time to think, to go through my thought, and to modify it if necessary. This is how I express my self. I’m not good in expressing my feeling and my thought out loud. Whatever problem or situation I faced, usually I will keep it inside me, because I’m don’t know how to tell others. It’s easy for me to feel intimidate with others, hence I prefer to keep everything in my mind, keep my mouth shut tightly. However, those things keep distracting and distrupting my mind, until I ‘transfer’ it to somewhere. It’s like clearing up my mind, flushing everything down the drain.

Thus, now I found a medium to let go of my feeling and thought, by writing. It’s like I telling my story and my feeling to other people, without waiting for their response. It’s same like when you talk with your cat, or fish, or chicken, or what ever pet you have. Eventhough they just look at you with their cute-and-sparkling little eyes while you were talking to them, but you feel much better after that because you know, they are listening. It’s like writing a blog. Even though I don’t know who will read it, but i know, someone will read it, and I shared my feeling and my thought.