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I do, think the same. For me, my childhood dreams and adult reality are totally in different path. I dreamt to become a doctor, but now I’m a Petroleum Engineer, something that I never predict when I was a kid. There’s always another factors and another reasons why we deviated our path, something big enough to make us change our way.

Josh, Naked

From a journal entry I had to do for an English class:

“I think comparing our childhood dreams to our adult reality can teach us many things about ourselves. We can look at what changed in our life that caused us to switch paths for our future. Did our parents disapproved of our goal and dream? Did we think that we weren’t good enough to meet the challenge of becoming this or that? Did we grab hold of our dream and pursue it? What made us want to be a doctor, a nurse, etc. when we were younger? I think by answering tese questions and more, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our true desire in life.”

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