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Mind and heart,
Two most important things in our life,
We will be lost if one of these are missing.
Both must cooperate, both must in sync.
But, do they always perfectly work together?
For me, they are not.
Mind is where all reasoning coming from,
Everything must be rational,
Everything must have the after effect.
Heart is where emotion coming form,
Sometimes it’s irrational,
And sometimes it’s insane,
And it’s doesn’t care what will be after that.
There’s a time when your mind giving out millions of reason,
But your heart keeps denying the truth.
There’s a time when your mind giving millions of fact,
But your heart keeps giving out excuses.
Both keep fighting and arguing.
Being in the middle of both, you’ll become clueless.
Which one is better, which one you should follow?
Listen to your mind will give you a lot of advantage,
Minds will always giving out advice,
Something to make sure you’re on the right path.
Listen to your heart led you to happy life.
Your decision is based on your heart content,
Nothing to feel sorry, nothing to feel regret.
So, it’s up to you,
Whether to listen to your heart or to your mind.
It’s your choice,
It’s your life,
For me,
I’ll follow both,
Even though sometimes heart will always become the last resort.