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There is someone in your life,
For you, he is the special someone.
From the way he treats you,
From the way he talk to you,
You always have a different feeling compared to your other friend.
Then unconsciously,
You start to dream to be with him,
To share your life with him,
To have family with him,
To grow old with him,
And to do everything with him.
Then one day,
He said you are just a mere friend,
Not more than that,
At that time,
There’s a big and invisible hand slapped your face.
You start to realize,
You already gone too far,
Far enough until it’s hard for you to return back,
Too deep in your fantasy, until you forget the taste of reality.
You try to act like nothing happen,
But deep inside, the wave of emotion surges.
You start to blame yourself,
Why I didn’t realize about it from the start?
Why I’ve been too attached?
Why I didn’t draw the line?
Why I can’t differentiate between friends or not?
Why, why and lots of why.
Nothing you can do.
The damage upon you is already there.
You wish time will heal everything.
You wish you can drain your feeling down the sink, and left nothing.
Even though you didn’t know when you can stand up again,
Even though you didn’t know exactly when your heart will mend,
Maybe a week, a month, a year, a decade, or maybe forever,
The only thing you can do,
Is to keep trying,
And try to be happy.
Happiness won’t come from dejected heart,
It’ll come from joyful heart.