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It’s an act which we unconsciously give out upon a situation,

Where thousands of possibilities lie,

From the best till the worse.

And we don’t have any singe clue

About the thing that will happen to you.


Is a medium for human being to diminish fear,

Fear of being hurt,

Fear of being failed,

Fear of losing,

Which slowly grown from our constant debate with uncertainty.

Whilst we are clueless about the future,

Hope is a way for us to stay positive,

Where you’ll find courage in life,

Eventhough hope will give you pleasure only for a while until the truth unveil,

But nonetheless it stills the best cure for your despair.

Let’s hope for bright future,

And hope that your hope will become a reality.

 Though you lose all hope, there is still hope, and it loves to surprise.  ~Robert Brault~