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Looking for your another half is the same as looking a needle in the stack of hay,

If we too focused on it, we won’t be able to find it,

We can use  kinds of method to look for it,

Keep looking like a lunatic, or to  screen each and everything carefully?

Or use the help of other medium, such as power of attraction?

But, which method is the right one?

It depends on our judgement.

Sometimes we keep wondering,

Whether we meet the right person, on the right time,

Or they will become our another past?

We won’t know what future holds for us,

But one thing is for sure,

If you already find someone,

And you feel that someone is your missing half,

Cherish them, appreciate them, and adore them,

Your heart may give an answer to your quest.

If you haven’t found anyone,

Don’t give up,

Because they might be hiding somewhere,

Waiting for you to find them..