Happy virus is a virus,
It’s a dangerous and precarious virus.
It is a virus which we unknowingly spread to someone else.
It spread thru various medium,
Either via your voice, your face, or everything that make someone remembers you.
Even by looking at your picture,
Or imagining you in their mind,
Someone still can be affected by this virus.
The symptoms?
When affected by this virus,
You start to smile brightly, even just before that you feel furious and irritated.
You can’t get angry to the virus ‘spreader’ without any reason,
Your feeling start to bloom, like a garden complete with flowers, butterflies and birds chirping,
Your mind starts to hum unknown, yet cheerful melody that can put you at ease.
Sometimes you want to be with the ‘spreader’ all time,
Spending your time together, doing anything together, and sharing everything together.
Even before you go to sleep, you always thinking about the ‘spreader’,
And you wish you can dream about the ‘spreader’ in your sleep.
For those who still unharmed by the virus,
Be careful,
Because there’s no antibiotic or vaccine to halt this virus from spreading.
For those who already being infected by this virus,
All you need to do is identified the spreader,
And wish that you also spreading the same virus to them.
And the most important thing is,
Ask your heart for the cure…