Credit to: a17-230.novara.ie
An old man,
Lying restlessly on his bed,
Could’ve done nothing except blinking his eyes,
Try to jog his memories in his life,
What had he achieved, what had he done?
He once a cute little baby,
Become the bundle of joy to his family,
Everybody wants to be with him,
Tickling, playing and laughing,
People around cherished him,
As he was the only angel they’ve seen.
He once a cheerful and happy child,
Running and playing every day and night,
Ready to explore, ready to find,
Doing anything as he thinks it was right,
Didn’t afraid of second try,
Eventhough he realized that everything come with price.
He once an advanterous teenager,
Forest, beaches, higlands and islands,
You just name it, he’d been there even just for a while,
Never neglected the importance of knowledge,
He still do his best in his life
He once a sucessful man,
Leading a company with multi-million assets,
He always strive for his best,
Never say never to anything he faced,
That’s his motto that uphold his grace.
He once a caring husband,
Giving out his best to help house chores,
A great father to his kids was what he was called,
Always giving second chances to them over problem they caused,
Because he believed, it’s what they could learn from.
Now, he is lying on his bed,
Been taking care by his children,
Now it’s their turn to repay,
To everything he’d given to them,
The old father now can take his rest,
His life is happy and blessed,
Because he never forgot God’s grace,
Always thankful no matter what he has
Now he’s ready,
To see his Beloved up there,
The faith that he kept always strong and firm,
Because he knows,
He will be returned to where he should belong,
Because life in this world is not for long…
By: Ikadeepika